On 8 June 2016 farmers of Chios visited the experimental orchards of Life-Βiodelear. During their visit all participants had the opportunity to be informed about the mass trapping technique and its use in the control of Med fly. Moreover, they were informed about all the parameters that are being monitored and evaluated during the project, such as the population of Med fly, pesticides and plant growth regulators residue analysis in citrus fruits, biodiversity monitoring and soil analysis.

The objective of the visit was the awareness of rural people about the potential abilities that LIFE-Biodelear project provides. Besides the control of Med fly with a cheap and environmental / human friendly attractant, the project also assists in the estimation of the environmental fingerprint of Chios.


After-life plan



Project Timetable

The project started on June 1st 2014 and was completed on October 25th 2019

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