All the beneficiaries of LIFE-BIODELEAR (SSIA, AUTH, UTH and BPI) visited the area Campos in the island of Chios on the 1-3 December of 2014. The subject of the meeting was
• Collection of fruits for pesticide residues analysis
• Soil samples for analysis, and
• Assessment of the percentage of fruit infestation and med fly population

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The 1st Steering Committee (SC) of LIFE-BIODELEAR took place on 29th and 30th of September 2014, in Chandris Hotel in the island of Chios. The purpose of the meeting was to select the citrus orchards by visiting the sites of the citrus orchards in the area “Campos” for the implementation of the project, to reach an agreement with citrus orchards producers and discus details for the implementation of the project between the beneficiaries (Associated and Coordinating) and the citrus producers.

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The kick off meeting of the Steering Committee of LIFE-BIODELEAR was organized on 15 July 2014 in Athens at SSIA‟s premises. The meeting was coordinated by the scientific coordinator of the project Dr Mavraganis Vasileios and the director of SSIA, Dr Theocharopoulos Sideris. Each of the beneficiaries presented their Actions in order to find ways to increase the efficiency and the effectiveness through cooperation.

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