Broadcast of the 2nd  workshop of LIFE-BIODELEAR in Alithia TV, Chios.



Interview of the coordinator of LIFE-BIODELEAR Dr V. Mavraganis in Alithia Radio Station, Chios


The rental of large scale experimental orchards of LIFE-BIODELEAR has been fulfilled. Following the appropriate procedures 12 ha of citrus orchards were chosen for the implementation of mass trapping technique using biodelear for the control of med fly. The research team of the project visited the orchards at the December 20, 2016. Mass trapping technique will be applied in the spring of 2017 and will last for 2 years.

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newsletterno21The newsletter's second issue features the main results of the last semester action, as well as the dissemination activities of the project and future events.

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Life-Biodelear project participated in the Eurosoil 2016 conference, which was carried out on 16-21 October 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. The title of the presentation was τίτλο «Effects on the soil quality in an ecological control of the Medfly (Ceratitis capitata) with the use of the attractant BIODELEAR».

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